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Overview: The Harrison School of Pharmacy (HSOP) has been a part of Auburn University’s rich family history and tradition since 1885. Consistent with our University’s values, HSOP’s motto is “Caring is the Core of Our Curriculum.” Our program is built on this family value as we aspire to educate tomorrow’s pharmacists. Aspiring students enter a professional program in which faculty/student relationships are built on mutual respect with the faculty mentoring student junior colleagues to become mature health professionals. We expect our graduates to enter practice with personal character, confidence, and competence to assume leadership positions in their communities and pharmaceutical care practices. Student pharmacists continuously care for patients, beginning with their first semester. This aspect of the curriculum is unique to Auburn and provides an innovative mechanism to tie coursework to actual patients.

HSOP also operates a satellite campus in Mobile, located in the Health Services Building on the campus of the University of South Alabama. Newly renovated facilities and the extensive use of information technology facilitates the replication of Auburn’s Pharm.D. program at the Mobile satellite. Location of the HSOP’s program on the University of South Alabama Campus allows for the education of student pharmacists in a setting which facilitates collaboration with students in medicine and other health professionals.

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